In Response to Discussion on Queer Theory

Queer theory believes:

-in the notion that things are fluid

-things mean what we want to define them as

-deconstruct our gender identities as a key and effective strategy for resistance

Queering identity

-Social identities are mechanisms of social regulation

-Realize that gender is a system of reproduction

The movie “Boys Don’t Cry” was mentioned and I did not know much about it. The title had been thrown out a bunch of times, but I had never sat down and watched it. Before sitting down to watch it I thought it was going to discuss masculinity. What I actually watched was much more moving.

Hilary Swank plays a young male transgender. While he conceals his true sex from his new friends in Nebraska, after a period of time they do find out that Brandon is not who he says he is. Two of the supporting male characters are so disgusted and enraged over learning that Brandon is actually a women, they beat and rape Brandon. At the end of the movie these two men end up killing Brandon. While I thought it was a really good movie, it was even more moving to learn that it was based on a true story.

Throughout the world many people have not been accepting of people who are homosexual, bisexual, transexual, transgender, just to name some. People who fit into these categories are often met with hostility and discrimination. While you may not be able to fully understand what they feel like or why they are the way they are, they are still human. All humans deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. I think the film showcases just one of hundreds and thousands of events where someone who is considered “Other” has been assaulted for simply that. 


The Coke “Controversy”

The Motherload

Combining motherhood and work is seen by many as “mommy” issue or an individual problem, but mothers doing it are having a hard time balancing their lives. Since the “golden age” of family when the father was the breadwinner and the mother the homemaker women have entered the work force at extraordinary rates. Even though most families rely on a second income that requires the wife to work as well, their duties as mothers have not changed either.Typically mothers are having a hard time creating a balance between their career and their family. As work days get longer, the expectations are rising for what makes a good mother. A good mother today must attend all their children’s activities, be at home all the time, and still have energy left to do all the cooking and cleaning. It’s an impossible job we are asking of women to do.

Today the wage gap between men and women is not as big of a problem the wage gap between mothers and others. On average they make 12-20% less.It is important that people begin to see this not as an individual issue but as an human rights issue. There is too much pressure and stress on mothers and even fathers to produce superchildren. Even when mothers and fathers go back to work they must pay for childcare, but because it is so expensive. often one income will go entirely towards good childcare. Child care needs to become universal so that mothers can work, the same as men and still be able to afford to support themselves. Another problem that occurs when women work is that it is often believed that women have the time or flexibility in their schedules to tend to their children’s needs and not the father or husband.

Seven Ways Occupy Changed America—and Is Still Changing It


Posted by David Callahan on September 16, 2013

Occupy Wall Street was born exactly two years ago today, and even as that movement reached its zenith later in the fall of 2011, it was easy to dismiss the activists who took over financial centers around the nation. Their policy agenda was…

Occupy cracked open the debate about the 1% and the 99%. But that would not have happened if people didn’t feel there was something wrong. Much more important even than Occupy is that there is a sense in the public that something is wrong.
Gar Alperowitz (via nc4l)

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from my fb newsfeed.